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The SwingTones have been playing together since 2010 and are perfect companions for a night of Swing dancing. They play a wide range from Swing, Charleston, Rock'N'Roll and Rockabilly, their songs are Evergreens, modern adaptions and own compositions.

Sebastijan Lukovnjak - Vokal, Akustik gitarre

Matjaž Dajčar - Akustik Gitarre, Jazz Gitarre,  Background Vocals

Matjaž Vertuš - Kontrabaß, Baß, Background Vocals

Aleš Vunjak - Schlagzeug, Background Vocals



Even though Swingwagon has been constructed in 2014 using relatively modern materials and components, its structure is very traditional. It is based on the original blueprints used between 1900 and 1950 by swing engineers in the United States of America and France. The seemingly outdated idea happened to create a supply that has been almost immediately confronted with enthusiasm and demand since Swingwagon's first passengers appeared to be the group of people having a crush on old-fashioned and godforsaken inventions of the past ages. Candid passion they spread all over the compartments of the wagon helped to determine the placement of the future railway-track. The Golden Age was just about to have its renaissance. Once the track construction was completed and Swingwagon had landed, its great journey began. For the last four years it has traveled almost the whole Austria, very often visiting the neighbouring Slovenia, Switzerland and Italy, always having its wagon-house-band entertain the local communities so similar to the very first passengers.

Ines Kolleritsch - vocals

Nikola Vukovic - trumpet

Piotr Lipowicz - guitar

Tin Dzaferovic - double bass

David Dresler - drums